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Becoming a mom for the first time

Pregnant women

Becoming a mom for the first time

All that is waiting for you in near future are: pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, child caring, nurture, and all these steps are very important. In all these cases you have to prepare yourself as only that way you will be more or less ready. More information you have easier it will be for you.

There are a lot of sources of various information that is easily accessible. Like journals, books, websites, social networks and so on, that it is really hard to know what information is valid and correct. Same questions can have various answers so it is hard not to be lost.

How and where to look for information about parenthood?

If you are reading articles, check who is an author? What credentials or experience she/he has? Looks like everyone now has an opinion, but it doesn’t make it right or correct.

Same goes for books. Look for reviews, what other parents are talking about the particular book. What kind of experience does the author have and so on. If a book is translated from foreign language there might be some specific errors related to translation.

If you are looking for courses or lectures you need to know who is the reader – what education does he/she have, is his/her job related to things that are talked about. The reader might have a lot of theoretical knowledge, but reality could be totally different. You should also know:

  • Can dad’s participate also
  • How many people will be in the courses
  • Will there be some video material
  • What about practical tasks
  • How long it will take
  • What is the price

Check if you can get some information after courses are done. If you are expecting ask when it would be a good time to take the course. Don’t forget to look for reviews about this course as well.

Why do you need to get ready for labor?

We all are different and have our own opinion on how to get ready for labor. Some mothers are reading a lot, taking courses, asking their spouses to learn as well and some are taking a different approach. Basically thinking that it will be as it supposed to be. I believe that it is important to go with the flow and keep yourself stress-free as much as possible, but keep in mind that there is a great chance that labor will be fluent if you know what to do (breathing, correct poses, how to push).

What do you have to know before going to labor?

You and your husband have to know:

  • What and why it is happening with your body in labor
  • How to know that labor started, that these are final contractions
  • When to go to a hospital and what to take
  • What are the stages of labor
  • How baby is being affected by that
  • What are the options to relieve pain
  • What your husband (or partner ) can do to help you

In practical courses, you can learn how to breathe during labor, how to relax, hot to find the right posture for you. Your partner should learn massage techniques in order to relieve your pain. The more you practice the more chances there are that you will know what to do at that moment.

Why you should get ready for breastfeeding?

Most new mothers think that breastfeeding is very simple, yes baby has strong reflexes for it, but both of you will have to learn how to do it properly.

The biggest problem of breastfeeding is incorrect position or technique which can result in sore, cracked or even bleeding nipples. If mother did not prepare for breastfeeding, she doesn’t have knowledge of how to help herself. Medical staff will help with you, but it will be harder to learn if that information is heard for the first time. If you were in practical courses that will help you a lot.

According to WHO only 1-3% of mothers cannot breastfeed due to physiological problems in all other cases it is incorrect technique or decision not to do that.

What you should learn before breastfeeding

Things that you should know:

  • Breastfeeding physiology
  • How to breastfeed correctly
  • What is expected behavior of baby while breastfeeding
  • How to know when the baby is hungry
  • How to help breastfeeding mom
  • Where to ask for help if needed

Why you need to learn to take care of a baby

Birth of a baby is one of the most important and memorable events in your life. With that comes great responsibility and bunch of questions. There are a lot of answers on the web, just be careful and check that information. It is important that it is up to date and scientifically approved.

Do not get carried away by myths. Such as: “baby boys are getting more abdominal cramps”, “do not bath the baby until there is umbilical cord” and so on. There are a lot of cases when a baby is moving through development stages and no medical assistance is required.

One of the best ways is to get information in practical seminars which are done by an experienced person.

What you need to know in order to take care of the baby

Just a few things to keep in mind:

  • What happens when a baby is born
  • What procedures are done to the newborn and why
  • What are most important things in baby physiology
  • How to take care of the baby
  • What to know about walking outside
  • How to help with tummy cramps and so on..

PS: I not a doctor and can not give you any medical advice. These thoughts came from my personal experience as a mom and after talking with other moms, nurses, just basically searching for information.

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