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Guidelines for pregnant ladies

Guidelines for Pregnant Ladies

Guidelines for Pregnant Ladies

Many books and discussion have been held about what to expect when you are expectant. Whether you are unexpectedly expecting or gladly expecting in “I can’t wait to have a baby” kind of way, you need to have some tips like guidelines for pregnant ladies to avoid any surprises and to ease your nerves when things start getting weirder.

Guidelines for Pregnant Ladies

Before you agree upon that abortion is not an option in your case, you get bombarded with lots of emotions that run through your body. Mostly people result in taking multiple pregnancy tests because they are either delighted or too terrified.

However, people seldom talk about the whole process of what happens month after month till you give birth on the 9th month. There are rare cases where you can conceive earlier than you had anticipated for or scheduled to and sometimes it can take a little bit longer than what the doctors had predicted.

The essence of the 9 months

I don’t know about you, but when I first got pregnant, I wondered why couldn’t us humans take a few months or even just one month like how chipmunks do before giving birth? But then it occurred to me that we are complex beings, and we need all those months for the baby to be fully and perfectly developed before being brought to this beautiful and sometimes cruel world. This period is what doctors and biology people call the gestation or the incubation period.

Overview of what happens in every month how to cope with the changes

Due to the development of a child in the womb, your body will be producing all sorts of hormones that can heighten all your senses inclusive of your emotions and feelings. You will be a vampire who feeds on rage, anger, joy, happiness, depression, fear, love, sadness and any other humanely feeling known on earth.

Month 1

This period is when conception occurs. It is calculated to be two weeks after you have missed your period and it’s also when you can determine your due date (Cruz). Uncertainty and anxiety start to kick in at this stage too.

Morning sickness which is one of the early signs of pregnancy show at this stage. Morning sickness usually appears when you are six weeks pregnant (Herbert). You can also start feeling nausea and dizziness at this point.

Luckily, on the bright side, most women look pretty and are said to glow in the 1st month of their pregnancy. The pregnancy hormone will make your skin glow and give you a radiant look that most will be envious of (Fields).

It is at this point that you doubt yourself if you can be a parent or be able to raise a kid. Well, all you have to do is accept the reality and start making a plan for your near future and gradually adjust to it.

If you used to do a lot of partying, going out on revs, work at life-threatening jobs like being a cop and so on, you would need to change a few aspects in your life because, the safety of your health isn’t just for you, but for your baby too.

A good plan is handy so that when you slowly change your lifestyle, very few people will raise questions and even you will be swiftly adopting without making unnecessary instant changes.

Month 2, 3 & 4

This is the point when the belly starts to pop out, and everyone around you who you haven’t told will finally know you are pregnant. However, the exact week (it is averagely between 12-16 weeks) when the belly shows is determined by the following factors (Nastri, 2017):

  • Your body type – thin and small women will have their bellies show early.
  • If it’s 1st pregnancy – it shows early on 1st timers
  • Age – younger women show late
  • If you are expecting more than one baby (let’s say twins), pregnancy will show early
  • The positioning of the uterus, for instance, a retroverted (abnormally positioned backward) uterus will show the belly late

Month 5: Preference of the gender of the baby

This is the point when you might feel some pain because the baby is growing hence the abdomen will be stretching to accommodate it. The growth of the baby will increase your appetite and also the increase in weight will constantly be tiring you down hence you will be feeling fatigue too.

Fortunately, the baby will be developing all its body features in details so there will be a better view of the ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby. At least you will have a chance to buy the right clothes and future toys for the baby.

Month 6, 7 & 8

As the baby will be starting to form a face, grow hair, and nails are developing in the womb, you the mother will be experiencing backaches, shortness of breath and you will frequently be urinating too.

This is a critical stage since the baby is ultimately developing wholly. This is a shortlist of thing you should do during this stage:

  • You should continue taking prenatal vitamins.
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Do Kegel exercises
  • Always keep yourself active by doing small exercises like walking
  • Sleep well and have plenty of rest
  • Maintain good oral hygiene because teeth and gums that are not kept clean may cause premature labor.
  • Your diet should include food with lots of vitamins like fruits and vegetables and avoid any form of proteins with too much fat.

Month 9

The baby is already in an upside down position and ready to be born.


Weight gain is inevitable because the baby will be growing week after week until the last month. Moreover, the size of the placenta and amniotic fluid will be increasing together with the blood and the other body fluids which facilitate transportation of nutrients from the mother to the unborn baby. The standard weight increase is supposed to be 1.5kg -2kg for the first 3monts and an increase of averagely 1.5kg for the next months every month.

Food cravings start as early as the 2nd to 3rd week of pregnancy. It is also caused by too much production of hormones which shift in your body. Most pregnant ladies crave for salty food.


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